Top 5 Tips for Holiday Shopping in Door County

  1. First, make a very detailed list of what you want to buy, and for whom. Then throw it away! Door County shopping is all about discovery and surprise, so let the WOW come to you!
  2. Look for items that cannot be found anywhere else. Many shops carry beautiful things that are only available in Door County. Handmade, exclusive or native to the County, you’ll be giving a gift that will be treasured and long remembered.
  3. On that note, ask the shop owner and staff what is special, proprietary to their shop, or their favorites. You will not only have a fun conversation with Door County experts, but you will also leave with a gift that will be prized.
  4. When you walk away from the mall or the big box stores, you’re not necessarily walking away from a bargain. Sales and discounted items are out there when you buy local in Door County. Just keep your eyes open.
  5. If you can’t make it to Door County to do your holiday shopping (sigh), many shops offer online stores. So check it out and let your fingers do the walking. And your favorite shops will ship your selections directly to you.