Top 5 Insider Tips on Cheese Pairing

1. When you are discovering cheese and beverage pairings, always buy the cheese first. You will find the right beverage to match it. And, when tasting, taste the cheese first, then the beverage. The cheese flavor will stay on your palate longer, and then you can experience the beverage and cheese combo taste more clearly.
2. If a pairing tastes good to you, it’s the right one for you. Ignore the rules. “There are no bad pairings, but there are exceptional ones!”
3. Always serve cheese at room temperature for the fullest flavor. And don’t ever freeze cheese, it ruins the taste and texture. In the words of one cheese expert, “you could freeze your toes, too. And they would be equally useless as a result.”
4. Some tips on putting together a cheese tray: Vary the strength, texture and moisture of your selections. And, pick a variety of types: Italian, Cheddar, Gouda, Blue, etc. But, always include some type of Blue Cheese. Arrange the cheeses on your tray left to right, from the mildest to the strongest. The best go-with is a thinly sliced baguette, which provides a crunchy and neutral palate cleanser.
5. On a cold winter (or spring) night, there’s nothing better than a hot and melty grilled cheese sandwich.