Top 5 Insider Tips for Designing your Home

  1. Live with what you love.  Whether at home or in your workplace, surround yourself with furniture, colors, artwork and accessories that make you happy.  Even the most humble cubicle can house objects of beauty and treasured photos. After all, we spend most of our waking hours at work!
  2. Color rules!  Color inspires, excites, soothes and nurtures.  Color makes a statement, whether it shouts or whispers. Use color, have fun with it.  And remember, there are really no “color rules.” Refer to tip #1: surround yourself with color that makes you happy. FYI:  The 2015 “Color of the Year” as designated by the color experts at Pantone Corporation is Marsala.  “A naturally robust and earthy wine red.” So, now you know.
  3. No matchy-matchy. You will grow tired of that “bedroom suite,” of eight matching pieces. Trust me.  Swap out the matching nightstands for a couple of iron and glass side tables.  Skip the identical chest of drawers and try a painted antique armoire.  Contrast an art deco chandelier with a traditional dining room table. Upholster your desk chair in an animal print fabric.  Mix dishware patterns and colors at your dining table. Amp up your living room with lounge chairs in multiple bright prints. Mixing it up=memorable.
  4. Fresh Flowers.  Wherever, whenever, and however you can. A bud vase with a single red orange gerbera on your nightstand makes a bedroom instantly luxurious. A bunch of seasonal flowers on your fireplace mantel says “welcome!” to guests.  If you can’t afford, or don’t have access to fresh buds, lop off a branch from a tree in your yard, and plop it in a big vase.  Pretty, natural, and no biggie.  Same thing for candles.  Candlelight makes rooms glow and people look 10 years younger.

  5.  Travel treasures. Keep an eye out for unique items when you travel (especially in Door County!). Sculpture, tableware, paintings, jewelry, rugs, and textiles are among the treasures that can be found, brought back and displayed in your home. You will have distinctive accessories and lasting memories of your trips when you buy local.