Top 5 Highlights of Cheese Pairing in Door County

1. It all starts with the cheese. In Door County, you can find a dazzling array of Wisconsin artisanal cheese, some made right here in the County. Enjoy a tasting, select your favorites, and you’re off and running!
2. Cheese and beer. This is Wisconsin, after all, so be sure to explore this classic pairing. Door County boasts a number of craft breweries, all offering unique and amazing beers.
3.Hard cider is an ancient spirit, and you can find cider distilled in the old fashioned French manner, with a newfangled twist in Door County.
4.The Door County Wine Trail boasts seven wineries, each lovingly crafting exceptional wines. And all of them make a perfect match to cheese.
5. The “cocktail society” is alive and well…as always, in Door County. There are is an abundance of supper clubs, restaurants and taverns, that will expertly muddle, mix or shake (not stir) your favorite, be it a traditional Old Fashioned, Martini or Bloody Mary. Be creative with your cheese and cocktail pairings, you will be amazed!