Top 5 Classic Door County Flavors

  1. Fish Fry: Door County fish fries are a cut above the rest. Why? Because the fish you’re eating tonight was probably swimming this morning. Perch and whitefish are the ones to ask for, and the magic words are: “I’ll have mine pan fried, please.”
  1. Broasted Chicken: Hot, juicy, crunchy chicken deliciousness. Door County restaurants have elevated this beloved treat to an art form. It’s almost a competition for the best version. No way of knowing how this broasted craze got started, but if you are holding a menu that has “the Chicken” on it, order it.
  1. Wisconsin Cheese: Hahaha! Cheeseheads! SO funny! Well, put the foam headgear out of your mind, and try the most delicious artisan cheeses on earth. You will be amazed, guaranteed. Take some home, and your friends will be amazed, too.
  1. Cherry Pie: Door County cherry pie is simply the best. You cannot go wrong anywhere you find it. So have some. That is all.
  1. Prime Rib: This slow roasted, melt in your mouth, supremely beefy delicacy seems to have gone missing from menus in most places. Too old school? Not in Door County! Our restaurants do it right: perfectly seasoned and ladled with natural au jus. Have it with that giant foil wrapped baked potato, loaded with butter and sour cream. Right.

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