Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

Let me introduce you to my new friend: “Sunday Funday.”

Door County folks work hard in the summer. It’s show time, the peak of tourism in our year. But all work and no play…right? So, a tradition was born to strike a bit of a balance in our hectic lives: Sunday Funday. On Sundays, we try to carve out all or part of the day for R and R. Take a drive, meet friends for brunch or a cocktail, listen to some live music, or just lounge on the back porch. And recharge for another busy week.

Now there’s a habit I can embrace! So, as a rookie in the game, I enlisted a couple of friends to help me map out a Sunday Funday worthy of the time-honored tradition.

So, first Lynn and I visited the Farmers Market in Baileys Harbor. It’s a bit early for the plentiful produce to come during a Door County summer, but we did manage to score some fresh peas and spinach, plus a beautiful bunch of fresh cut locally grown flowers. And we enjoyed perusing the many craft and plant stands, listened to live music, and got to play with some of the ubiquitous summer puppies. And some friendly llamas.

Next, we paused to enjoy the Bailey’s Harbor shoreline at one of our favorite beach front motels. Sandy and sunny, rolling waves and a gentle breeze. Bliss!

When hunger bells rang, we had a lovely lunch at Coyote Roadhouse on their shady deck overlooking Kangaroo Lake. Hard as it was to leave this idyllic scene, we had much more to do. Bye bye “Roo,” we’ll be back.

We continued along to Sturgeon Bay where we walked the pier to the Coast Guard Station Lighthouse at the mouth of the Sturgeon Bay Canal. 

Undaunted, we motored on, and came upon a vintage police car we both coveted. “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” Isn’t it a doozy? You never know what you’ll find when exploring the back roads of Door County!

Next up, the Door County Maritime Museum, for a fun tour of the County’s water navigating and ship building history. You can explore the John Purvis tugboat in an all-access guided tour, or take a ride on the Fred A. Busse Chicago fireboat.

But, with no time to dally (Sunday Funday is serious business), we moved on to our final destination to meet up with our friend, Anni. Sure enough, she was waiting for us at Stone Harbor Resort on the canal. Complete with Tiki Bar, a snazzy live band, and enough Sunday Funday revelers to repopulate Sturgeon Bay.

Time to kick back with a cold beverage, run into new and old friends, and catch up on the latest. Cool breezes, sun shining above, and lots of fabulous boats to dream about. This is the life!

Rest assured, this will not be my last Sunday Funday. It’s fun to “play tourist.” But next time, maybe, just maybe, I will plan to spend more time simply hanging out with my friends and enjoying a perfect Door County day!