A Winter's Day
with Friends in Door County

BLOG: A Winter's Day with Friends in Door County

“No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.”

Now there’s the peaceful Zen response to the ubiquitous question: “What DO you people do up here all winter?”

On the other hand, when asked, most of us readily answer, “Plenty to do!”

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

First of all, it’s really, really pretty. This is a January sunset in my backyard/woods. Winter brings what is arguably the most spectacular scenery in the Door County year. Shove ice formations, northern lights, candlelight skiing through the parks, all are wonders only enjoyed in winter.

Sure it’s cold. Sure it gets dark early. Sure driving can be an icy adventure, Sure it’s…. oh never mind that. Get out there and embrace the season!

So, with that mantra firmly in mind, I invited a friend to try snowshoeing with me for the first time. Said friend is always up for an adventure, and she enthusiastically agreed. Off to the Ridges Conservancy, with dedicated snowshoeing trails and snowshoes to rent.

On a winter week day, we practically had the trails to ourselves, and after the first few awkward and giggling moments we were off.

The woods were quiet, snow covered and picture perfect.

A coupla intrepid snowshoers!

If you prefer your winter scenery a bit more climate controlled, which I sometimes do, try the Door County Trolley Winter Wonderland Tour. It makes for a fun day to gather a few friends and hop on the trolley. You will see lots of the winter landscape, have a fireside lunch, and visit wineries and an artisan cheese shop. Plus, an old fashioned horse drawn sleigh ride! 

Trolley driver Bruce and passengers enjoying the Winter Wonderland tour.

Meeting girlfriends for lunch might not sound like a winter-specific activity, but trust me, in Door County it is. Most people are so busy running their business in the spring, summer and fall that it’s tough to get together. Winter is a perfect time to gather at a cozy Door County restaurant and catch up.

Ladies who lunch, in winter!

Next, for a real “only in Door County” experience, find a friend who makes Cherry Bounce. This beverage is a tradition which involves mixing pitted Door County cherries with an alcoholic beverage (vodka, whiskey, tequila, you name it), and other flavors during cherry season in summer. The mixture is then stored on the pantry shelf to “age” until winter. All manner of recipes, usually secret, are conjured up to achieve the perfect Cherry Bounce. Whatever is in the particular concoction, it is genuine wintertime in Door County.

A sampling of the entries in the annual January Cherry Bounce Championship. 

The girl on the right taught me everything I know about Cherry Bounce.

And, of course, I know I can always put a goofy sweater on my pup, head to one of the many Door County dog parks, meet fellow dog lovers, and have a blast!


Ringo Starr.

Happy winter, and enjoy Door County life and style!