BLOG: Rainy Day with the Grandkids in Door County

“Mike, wake up.

Mike, Wake Up.

MIKE, WAKE UP!!!” I whispered as loud as I dared.

With that final urge, Mike rolled over and blinked, “What, what’s the matter? What time is it? We’re on vacation, I’d like to sleep in…”

I sighed, “It’s raining and we promised the kids that we would rent a boat today.”

“Uh oh, we are in trouble, any suggestions on what else we can do?” he asked.

“This is Door County! The great vacation destination! There must be plenty of things to do indoors,” I added, “You know, when I checked out the Door County Visitor’s Bureau websites they did mention some rainy day activities. At the time, I didn’t bother to follow the link. Let’s go check it out before the kids wake up.”

“Hey, how about a drive to Sturgeon Bay, we can visit several museums there. There’s a great lighthouse exhibit at the Maritime Museum.” He added, “Did you know that Door County has the third largest concentration of lighthouses in the United States? I bet the kids would like that, then, later in the week we can actually visit one of the lighthouses up the Peninsula. Or the Historical Museum, we could learn a little more about Door County history and I bet Marc would love the old fire trucks there.”

“Wow, did you know about the museums in Fish Creek and Ephraim?” I paused, and then added, “The Noble House in Fish Creek presents a look at early Victorian life in Door County and also offers walking tours of the home.  The Anderson Barn History Museum in Ephraim offers a fully interactive fun zone for children of all ages.”

He smiled,  “I guess that would include you and I, right? “

“Maybe we’ll pass one of the Door County Libraries along the way,” I hopefully add.  “Beth wants to catch up on that girl’s adventure series she has been reading. Did you know about the special kid’s programs during the summer? There are libraries in Sister Bay, Fish Creek, Sturgeon Bay, Baileys Harbor, Egg Harbor, Ephraim, Forestville and even Washington Island. You know the kids can also check out books because there are no residency or age restrictions to get a library card here. Something to remember if it keeps raining.”

“Hey what about Bowling?” Mike almost shouted,  “That’s a good way to use up some of their energy. Sean really enjoyed going bowling last summer. What about that supper club with the bowling alley in Sister Bay? Or, for something a little less “active”; what about the movie theatre in Sturgeon Bay?”

“Okay,” I added, “you know I can check out their movie schedule online.”

“Remember the tie dye shirts the kids created at the “do it yourself” art studio? Those places are open rain or shine. ” Mike noted.

“Another great idea!” I added, “Remember, the important thing is that we present a united front and act like we had this planned all along when the kids get up.”

Mike nodded, “Sounds good!”

“Good morning kids!” I smiled, then added: “Did you hear all that thunder last night? It’s pretty wet outside and it is supposed to rain again today. No problem, though, wait till you hear about the exciting day we have planned!