Welcome to Carlsville and Door County Coffee & Tea Co.!

My Bill and I love coffee. 

We love it deep and rich, dark and fresh.  When we went out for a drive a few months ago, we decided to pull through the drive-up window at Door County Coffee & Tea Co. in Carlsville to share a large mocha. 

Bill had his doubts; He said Door County Coffee & Tea Co. was too pretty to serve “a real cup.“  After we’d each had a sip, he had to admit it was as good a mocha as he’d EVER had.  I love when Bill has to eat his words!

Have you ever been to Carlsville?  Door County Coffee & Tea Co. is located north of Sturgeon Bay in the Carlsville Marketplace on Highway 42.  Carlsville is a small village named after three gentlemen, all named – you guessed it – KARL, who lived nearby.

When they named it “Carlsville,” the spelling was apparently changed (and that’s the absolute TRUTH!). The Carlsville Marketplace is comprised of two neat, white frame buildings and a barn-red frame building located across from what was the site of the 106-year-old historic landmark, The Carlsville Roadhouse, which burned down last year. 

When I visited Door County Coffee & Tea Co. this week, the rebuilding of the Roadhouse looked as if it was going tremendously well, and I could already taste their awesome BBQ ribs (maybe we will be able to by late spring?). 

The other two Marketplace businesses are Pet Expressions (pet toys and accessories for the pampered pet) right next to the Café and Candleworks of Door County (featuring high quality, handcrafted, premium scented candles – the only candles actually made in Door County) in the red frame building. 

Other Carlsville businesses include the Door Peninsula Winery and Door County Distillery (Door County’s original and largest winery and only distillery) and Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy (located on Hwy I between the roadhouse and the winery – you’ll know when you’ve arrived once you see “Cookie,” the giant cow). Schopf’s is a great place to stop for world-class ice cream, fabulous fudge and fun activities for kids.

Visiting Door County Coffee & Tea is always amazing.  The fragrance of flavored coffees and the fresh bakery wafts through the air, along with the aroma of the fresh soups and entrees being served.  There is a display showcasing fresh baked goods; freshly roasted coffee is for sale (sometimes you can smell the beans roasting as you pass through Carlsville) as well as decorative items for the home. 

The hostess and wait staff are always helpful, efficient and upbeat – this is a restaurant that is open for business year-round.  Word has it Door County Coffee & Tea is almost ready to launch their new experience-driven website that will feature online coffee sales, so be sure to check it out come the end of March 2012.

The first time I stopped for lunch (it’s an incredibly convenient place if you’re heading up north), I ordered their homemade chicken salad – it’s a favorite.  Made with all white meat and special herbs, it’s served with lettuce on croissant with a fresh fruit garnish and choice of marinated vegetables or cherry nut mix for $7.50. 

The second time I dined there this month was because, just as I was driving by, I thought about having a bowl of homemade soup. My car steered itself into the parking lot so I could enjoy a bowl of Door County Coffee & Tea’s chili with fresh bread and butter.  The chili is slightly sweet and has a nice, warm kick.  Offered for $5.50/bowl, it is made with ground chuck and herbs and spices; the perfect thing for a pick-me-up on a gray winter day. Besides, I had a cup of their coffee with it, which ALWAYS makes me smile!

Whether you’re stopping for coffee, dessert, breakfast or lunch, you simply can’t go wrong with Door County Coffee & Tea Co. Located at 5773 Highway 42 in Carlsville (technically Sturgeon Bay), they’re open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The drive-through coffee window is open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Give them a call at 920-743-8850 or 800-856-6613.