Orchard Country Winery and Market

2046 Our daughter Emilie and I took a ride on Sunday to check out Orchard Country Winery and Market. Located on the curve just before entering Fish Creek, Orchard Country Winery is just that... a large orchard and a winery with pumpkins and apples galore. 2047 We checked out the market first... 2049 Just everything from cider to preserves, wine and snacks and lots of dips, salsas, barbeque sauces, syrups and even honey.  I love these kinds of homemade items because this girl is not the canning, preserving type.  If I had time, possibly but right now?  Nope.  Picking these things up at a market is a beautiful thing. We decided to do a wine tasting as well... after all this IS a winery. The wines are all inexpensive and the ones we tasted all had a clear, fresh flavor. We had a choice of about 24 different wines.  Emilie loved their Sangria. I liked the Door County Trolley which comes in a red bottle and made with the famous Montmorency cherry.  We really enjoyed all the wines we sampled. We had a great time tasting and even on a Sunday in September, the place was booming. We decided to take the guided tour of the place... it was really great.  We met Bill our tour guide and he began our tour at the vineyard. 2055 Door County was primarily known for its fruity wines, many wineries have planted vineyards and they seem to be fairing quiet well. It just takes a loooong time to come to it's fruition so to speak, but the vines were packed with purple grapes. After that, off we went to where the real action takes place... the inner workings of the winery. 2053 Bill filled us in on the entire process, complete with a video.  It was really very interesting. 2058 2057 Door County has been in the cherry and apple business since the times of migrant workers doing all of the harvesting. While the cherries are for the most part picked with a cherry shaker, the apples are still harvested by hand. All over the Door County you can see the apple picking going on in the orchards. Orchard Country Winery and Market is another example of a successful Door County family business.  Some of the wines are named after the patriarch Bob Lautenbach's grandchildren... Lauren Elizabeth, Audrey Grace and Nathan John.  So sweet. We really had a great afternoon.  Take time to stop and visit the the Lautenbach family, you won't be disappointed! 2067 Me with the Lautenbach girls, Erin and Carrie... PS... Next time I am trying that Cherry Pit Spit... I am a certain champ, I just know it.