Grazing on Tapas

Restaurant week is rolling right along and I hope you have had a chance to visit your favorite restaurant to taste a special creation from the feature menu this week , or perhaps you visited a new restaurant and enjoyed a first time experience.  In either case, I'm certain you'll walk away saying , "Whoa, that was delicious".  Door County chefs are turning out some fantastic food, more than the usual fish boils and cherry pie. More and more, diners are shying away from large, over portioned servings and finding enjoyment with a sampling of dishes.  Diners use to be tempted with large portions as a great reward, but who wants to feel like a python that just swallowed an elephant?  I know I much rather be a grazer, and small plates with big flavor get my attention. Tapas bars are perfect for grazers! Tapas are a variety of small savory Spanish dishes, often served as a snack with drinks, or with other tapas as a meal. To “tapear”, going from bar to bar for drinks and tapas, is an essential part of the social culture of Spain, especially in the south, and is something that every visitor to Spain should experience. You can experience it much closer to home... right in downtown Egg Harbor at Parador.
Rice pudding
Churros with chocolate dipping sauce and rice pudding with drunken fruit.
potatoe Papata Brava crispy herbed tri color potatoes with fiery sauce.
[caption id="attachment_6419" align="alignright" width="270"]Chicken Amish chicken breast served atop Spanish chorizo and navy beans. Tapas are much more a style of eating than a form of cooking.  I think it's fun to stop with friends, order several small plates and pass the plates around to share.  But be advised, make sure YOU take the first taste of the plate because the tapas at Parador are soooo delicious, it won't make it back around and you'll be left licking the sauce. ... and trust me, the sauces are so mind blowing that you WILL literally be licking the sauce.  Order the Papata Brava if you doubt me. It's a simple dish of crispy herbed tri-color potatoes expertly roasted and served in a creamy sauce that brings a little kick (aka fiery sauce). Parador also serves up fabulous desserts perfectly paired with the Spanish style wines on their list. Churros with a heat spiced chocolate dipping sauce is among the favorites or try the rice pudding with drunken fruits and pair it with a flight of sherry. Parador has a special little menu for restaurant week right now if you have a chance to get stop in. If not, just know your days are numbered as they close for the off-season. If you call now, you might still get a reservation for the Tapas Feast!  Larry Mejewski, owner, and the crew at Parador celebrate the end of season this year on October 25th. The last night at the restaurant holds a endless tapas extravaganza you don't want to miss.