Completely Organic in Egg Harbor…

Organic is trending right now.  So many restaurants are using all kinds of natural and organic products particularly here in Door County. Me, not such a natural girl but maybe with help from Greens N Grains, I could change my evil ways.


Kathy Navis bought the 19th century building in Egg Harbor in 1985 and I have known her since that time. It was Kathy who decided on the building's famous purple color and has remained the same color since.  I love it.  Kathy housed her clothing store Imported in the building before selling the business but keeping the building. When the business moved out Kathy decided to open up a natural food store which is how Greens N Grains Natural Foods Market came to be. I stopped in the store the other day and both Kathy and Sarah were working. Sarah has worked for Kathy for many years.  Sarah's son, Owen and our son Joe are friends and went to school together.  Here are Kathy and Sarah respectively... greens and grains 001Sarah Hubner The grocery store offers meats, dairy, soy and fresh produce.  They also have natural and organic beauty products, paper goods and supplements.  They have a huge supply of nuts and a couple I met there from the Fox Valley said Greens N Grains was the only store they could find that sold nuts that had not been processed in any way.  The couple was on a day trip with the main intention of shopping and eating lunch in the cafe. They each had a Roxy Red Smoothie (apple, beet, cucumber, ginger and lemon) and a split a grilled Reuben Panini.  They thought it was awesome... greens and grains 005Kathy whipped up the same smoothie for skeptical old me.  While she did I snapped a few pictures of coffee, tea and juice selections.  (They also have a raw foods deli and wraps.) greens and grains 003 greens and grains 004 So did I like the smoothie made with mostly vegetables?  It honestly couldn't have been any better.  Makes me want to buy a juicer but why should I when I can just pop in and let Kathy make me one! Here are some of the other pictures I took to give an idea what else they offer including organic wine! greens and grains 006 Lots of nuts and whole grains... greens and grains 011 Even Alterra coffee... greens and grains 007 Greens N Grains offers one stop shopping.  Check it out when you travel through Egg Harbor, there is something for everybody.  All natural... it's the cool thing to do!