Top 5 Tips on Family Hiking in Door County

1. Go to the quiet side. The Lake Michigan shore is sometimes neglected in Door County for some reason. Take advantage of locations like Cave Point County Park and Newport State Park to escape.
2. Head north and take in Door Bluff Headlands Park in Ellison Bay. This park may feature the best views we’ve come across yet.
3. Emergency supplies. I won’t pretend that all our hikes have been without incident (tantrum). So, I always have an assortment of snacks, a few toys, and yes, my cellphone loaded with games in case the terrible two’s surface a mile from the car.
4. Make it last. After an adventure talk about your experience at dinner, ask questions, draw a picture, and allow it to continue on.
5. Volunteer. Door County features an endless list of runs and rides, along with a two-day triathlon. Volunteering to work an aid station is an excellent way to discover the culture of the county and introduce children to a healthy lifestyle.