Top 5 Insider Tips on exploring the history of Door County

  1. Don’t force it. It’s rare for children to have a natural passion for history; think of ways to incorporate their interests into historical topics.
  2. Make it fun. See a lighthouse at the midpoint of a bike ride, hike through Peninsula Park, or enjoy the humor of a trolley ride.
  3. Ask questions. Put the topic on the level of your child by asking questions suitable for their mind. If they’re answering questions, they’re thinking.
  4. Read Old Peninsula Days by Hjalmar R. Holand. It’s the perfect prepping for a trip to the county, as it gives one a sense of the culture and character of this place.
  5. Extend the lesson. Once your activity is complete, connect it something further in a new way. Write a story or draw pictures about it, for example.