Top 5 Insider Tips for a Rainy Day in Door County

1. Pack reinforcements. While it’s an idealist thought your children will be entertained for an entire day with an experience like the Door County Maritime Museum, common sense informs us parents to remember to pack the toys and games from home in case of a rain emergency.
2. Technology. The debate over parenting and exposing children to technology is heated, and one can find valid arguments on both sides of this issue. Be sensible, firm, and fair. A complete denial of technology will lead to problems, and so will unlimited usage. Create a structure for screen time and kids will see it as one of many options for entertainment.
3. The arts. Door County abounds with artistic expression in many forms. Rarely does a summer day go by on the peninsula without the presence of multiple concerts, theatre productions, and others artists creating their works.
4. The culinary arts. The Door County dining scene is diverse and delicious, and many restaurants are especially kid friendly. A rainy day is an excellent excuse to explore this scene and revel in its’ spoils.
5. Don’t sweat it. Emotions are contagious – so don’t let a little rain get you, and the whole family, down. You’re on vacation, you’re in Door County – let yourself relax and take advantage of the abundance of opportunities regardless of the weather.