Top 5 Highlights of Fat Biking in Door County

1. There are many winter riding opportunities in Door County, and there will never be a crowd. The trail at Newport is definitely worth the drive to Ellison Bay.
2. Fat biking isn’t just for the winter and snow. Many bikers can attest to the fact that riding trails year-round is better with a fat bike. The low tire pressure and wide tires allow for relative comfort over obstacles that could trip up a normal mountain bike.
3. The combination of sand, mud, rock and roots present on mountain bike trails offer an ideal platform for fat bikes. These machines are built to go just about anywhere, and the varying landscape of our county trails is like a giant welcome mat.
4. Though it may be selfish to admit, the absolute quiet and solitude of riding is simply magic. It’s so rare to be so suddenly alone. It’s easy to disappear for a bit on a fat bike, and then reappear as a better person.
5. Bikes can be rented or purchased in Fish Creek- right across the street from the entrance to Peninsula State Park.