Top 5 Destinations for Free Family Fun

1. Toft Point. This little known hiking location is ideal in scenic variety, length, and solitude.
2. Sunset Bike Trail in Peninsula State Park. From the entrance of the park to Nicolet Beach is about five miles. An entire day can be planned around this ride considering the sites to see in the park, along with the beach itself.
3. Pebble Beach in Sister Bay. If you’ve ever wanted to discover how many rocks your children can skip before tiring, you’ll find out here.
4. Kangaroo Lake Land Trust. Located on the north shore of Kangaroo Lake this hike has become a family favorite. It’s quiet, it’s beautiful, and it’s therapeutic. So much so that I’m considering deleting this so I can keep it to myself.
5. Sturgeon Bay. I never expected the excitement my son would exude when walking over the bridges in Sturgeon Bay and admiring the gigantic ships. Walking along the old steel bridge on a sunny day with no real objective is not a bad way to begin a Door County vacation.