Top 5 Activities Involving Door County History

  1. Take the trolley. Choose from a variety of tours that incorporate Door County history in a unique and fun way. I look forward to when my child is old enough to handle the ghost tour.
  2. Explore Peninsula State Park and read about the old summer camps, visit headstones over a century old, and imagine the CCC work camps from the Depression Era.
  3. Cherry Picking – not only does this activity evoke a sense of the economic foundation of the peninsula, but one can also discuss the fact that German POW’s once populated our cherry orchards during WWII.
  4. Stroll Cottage Row. Grab a coffee or some breakfast in Fish Creek and make your way to this historical road to see the grand ‘cottages’ that line the Green Bay shore. It’s about a two mile walk to the end and back.
  5. Rock Island. It is more than worth the effort to travel to Rock Island and see the historical lighthouse and boathouse on this island park.