Top 5 Tips on Living Green in Door County

1. Don’t let Earth Day get away from you. I’ve got the material for the kilt and the Scottish poetry, but with the best of intentions, I still haven’t celebrated Robert Burns night ever, yet. Whatever you are doing, put it down and get out there on Earth Day before, as my favorite Three Dog Night song, “Out in the Country,” says:  “before the breathing air is gone, before the sun is just a spot in the nighttime.”  (I don’t believe in the direness of these lyrics, but you get the drift.)
2. Dress for success. We are not holding a beauty pageant here. I’ve watched folks show up, for some pretty serious hiking, attired in white shorts and flip-flops. Nada, nada!  It’s surely nice to dress up, but it’s also nice to dress down. Down and dirty. We have mud. We have black flies. It’s not the movies, it’s the real deal and you gotta be prepared so you can experience ethereal nature in some modicum of comfort.
3. Buy local. We’ve got organic. We’ve got comfort food. We’ve even got organic comfort food.
4. If it’s not available in Door County, you probably didn’t need it anyway. Google Frugal. To do your part. It’s smart. To pare. And share. I’m constantly filling a bag of donations for Feed My People. My landpersons and I need our recycle bin emptied every week and our trash bin emptied every other week, not the other way ‘round.
5. The Queen of the Tightwad Gazette, Amy Dacyczyn, wrote that it’s not living green to get too fat for your clothes. When the zipper won’t zip, it’s time to eat responsibly and hit some Door County trails.