Top 5 Insider Tips on Geocaching in Door County

  1. Geocaching can lead to euphoria! Remember to be SAFE and MAKE SURE you and your vehicle are completely stepped/pulled off the road. We do have some countrified venues in our county, but not all drivers roll at a particularly gentrified pace. Watch out, too, for “muggles,” folks who may not understand the game and mess around with the cache later.
  2. You can create a geocaching list just before you head out, or, look for nearby available caches while you are gassing up, dining, etc., on your iPhone.
  3. Check each listing to see if it has been recently found to avoid disappointments.  Note these items: *cache size, *cache difficulty; *the terrain and look for a *hint to decipher (other noteworthy tips are found by perusing the logs and reading what previous geocachers did to locate the cache.
  4. After a few times out geocaching, you will begin to SEE where a cache might be hidden: under that log or rock; in the tree bark; on the back of a road sign; everything is out there from recycled mayonnaise jars covered with camouflage duct tape to magnetic key cases to micro containers that are about the size of the tip of your little pinky (containing a tiny roll of paper to sign). Mentally register everything you can off of the cache record so you are familiar with what you need to be looking for.
  5. Bring some swag to trade for anything you might take from a cache. Fun junk, personalized calling cards, baubles. If you plan to remove a travel bug (an item that goes from cache to cache) be respectful. Both log it on the Geocaching website and carry out your intentions. It’s pretty awesome when the owner of the bug learns that what they planted has made it around the globe.