Top 5 Insider Tips on Door County’s Spring Blossoms

1. Allow wildflowers and fruit blossoms to stay put. Seeds and fruit will be produced to foster more wildflowers, plus give us the gift of harvesting apples and cherries. Cut wildflowers, even when put in water, only stay fresh for a few minutes. They like it best in the ground where they are growing!
2. Make a sketch. Coming prepared to make a sketch permits you to become intimately familiar with a blossom’s design and habitat. Get up close and personal!  Snap photos to take along to turn your sketch into a painting later.
3. Allocate a nice chunk of quiet blossom time. Door County is home to some of the rarest blossoms on earth. They rate among the most spectacular things you will ever see in your life. Fill your soul with color!
4. Use a tripod. Between blossoms swaying in the breeze and you dancing around Door County, simple mini tripods, even, will lend better success to your macro blossom photos.
5. Have a date with a flower! Coming to Door County at a specific time?  We have blossoms from early spring to late fall. Mother Nature takes every opportunity to wield her awesome power.  Check out the Season of Blossoms page for approximate bloomings.