Top 5 Insider Tips for Enjoying the Lazy Daze of Summer

  1. Thimbleberries are, well, berries. Bright red ones. Wear old clothing.  Clean up on site using baby wipes. Thimbles don’t keep long, sometimes crumbling as they are picked. This is why they are not commercially produced. Best to pick and eat, or make jam on the same day: 1 cup berries to 1 cup sugar, simmer, voila, easy-peasy, best hands-down jam ever. Make sure you’ve got bread for toast, and butter on hand as well. Which was my best dessert ever, made over a campfire.  Freezes nicely.
  2. Shed clothes for sun; add layers for bugs.
  3. Study the wind. I was napping on a bench at the old ski hill at Potawatomi Park. A tourist popped out of his car, amazed that, on such a windy day, the place was still. Yep.  See, the wind was fierce, but out of the northeast that day, which is why I chose to ride to the NW side of this particular hill. For example, if the weather website says the wind is out of the NE, it is COMING FROM that direction or BLOWING FROM that direction. When it gusts to 29 mph out of the SE, there will be crashing waves at Cave Point, etc.
  4. Bathrooms located in some Door County Parks, but not others. Not found on Nature Preserve-type properties. Each city/town has public facilities as well as do Public Libraries (which have varying open hours.

  5.   Beach and shore areas can structurally change from one day to the next! It helps to be flexible in your plans for deciding such choices as wading or body surfing! Wave action can change while you are in the midst of an outdoor activity. Check for the location you plan to recreate.