Top 5 Highlights of Door County Geocaching

  1. Geocache Series, favoring the “stop and grab” kind, abound in Door County.  Suggested groupings include: The Ice Age Trail Series south from Sturgeon Bay; DCBQ (Door County Barn Quilts)—all over the County, often right on our major Highways; the Old School Series; Top Spots (+ a Zip Code number) (often found near T-type road intersections).
  2. Some geocaches will take you to quaint, scenic spots not listed on travel brochures.  Try the WSQ (Wisconsin Spirit Quest) ones which are geocaches hidden in cemeteries (potential also exists for great trees in cemeteries - a double whammy of wonderfulness), such as WSQ St. John the Baptist, #GC2BYBJ, south of Egg Harbor or WSQ Ellison Bay, # GC1YNE9 (and actually there are two little cemeteries east of this spot, on Mink River Rd., for you to pop over and see as well).
  3. Treat your eyes to some tree candy: find a backroad (use your fun map) and take turns wandering around, driving past wooded areas or park off-road and walk in the quiet bliss of surrounding beauty. We’ve got great hiking trails but these backroad rambles can’t be beat. I just biked Matthey Rd. from near Sturgeon Bay up to Institute--my mind still reeling from the diversity of the grandeur I experienced up close and personal.
  4. I’m a bona fide tree junkie. How do you identify trees when their leaves are down?  By their bark.  So, while you are on your slow, meandering mission, get your hands on some bark. Bring along any basic tree I.D. book and solve some tree mysteries that have been plaguing you for years.  My favorite, a softie, is the cedar - good for caressing, with minimally lined vertical fissures.  Gray-toned Beech is virtually smooth (these are the trees kids used to carve their names into). Pines are like people:  smooth when young, craggy when old. Then there’s our beloved White Birches, dappled with lichens, peeling to reveal orange, brown and black, perfect for Halloween.
  5. Fall color:  Fairyland to blow your mind (on peak Autumn days) exists on the stretch of highway north of Jacksonport, through the Meridian Wayside Park area, north from Cave Point, looking out from the old Ski hill or the Lookout Tower at Potawatomi State Park, tooling around east of the intersection of Cty Rd A and F (near Fish Creek) or Old Stage Rd (running parallel to Sister Bay).