Top 5 Door County Touchy-Feely Tips

  1. I mean it about wearing some kind of covering shoes into the water to be able to clamber over rocks big or small.  And, even then, some algae-covered rocks will be slippy. Mind how you go!
  2. Rock collecting rules change from nature preserve to nature preserve.  Study ahead to see what is appropriate for you to glean.
  3. An enthusiastic read:  Lake Michigan Rock Picker’s Guide by Mueller and Gauthier. These guys can introduce you to some of the rocks you will be seeing.  Available through Door County Library Inter-Library Loan.
  4. Touching rocks is touching history.  Touching rocks is allowing your hands to come in contact with all manners of surfaces and fill your soul with how those textures feel under your fingers or on your skin as their colours dazzle your eyes. Touching rocks is letting you hear them as you kerplop them into the water, scuffle your feet over them and hiss and crackle when strong waves pull them back out from shore.
  5. Rocks will teach you patience when you try to build a cairn (an artistic free-standing rock sculpture). It isn’t easy!  On the other hand, if you are out of patience, perhaps with your toddler, take them to the shore, sit yourself down next to them and simply watch your offspring throw rock after rock into the water.  If you are feeling super energetic, you can pass them the rocks= a super babysitter, while they do all the work and you get to catch your breath.