Top 5 Door County Spring Blossom Highlights

1. Get thee to The Ridges Sanctuary for the most varied blossom show in town.  It’s due to the special climate there. Indeed, sometimes, the temp will drop 10 degrees from the peninsula’s west to east side.  Meander on your own, including crossing Ridges Rd. towards the shore at the lower range light, or, take a guided hike to get the goods. From early spring through fall, blossoms put on their pretty clothes for their reproduction dance. Be ready to exult in the tiny pink Twinflower or the ominous Death Camus Lily. The Ridges’ Logan Creek Property, south of Jacksonport, delights best in late springtime.
2. Kellner Fen, a hidden jewel tucked towards the east, between the YMCA in Sturgeon Bay, and the shore, puts on a wild spring show full of pitcher plants. It’s a true Seussian landscape with bright yellow/orangish-red blossoms poking up out of the watery bog. There’s Land Trust trail access towards the northern end of Lake Forest Park Drive.
3. Speaking of Lake Forest Park Drive, you can see a plethora of the darling (yet labeled invasive) many-hues-of-blue-Forget-Me-Nots along it, or find Peninsula State Park thickly carpeted with them.    
4. Locate a nice collection of less prestigious wildflowers at the end of Ridges Rd (to Point Dr) in a circular parking area, where the paved road stops, from which you can also view the Birdcage Lighthouse.  Sprouting from rocky, relatively infertile soil, the mixed bag of dainty blossoms here have nevertheless found their niche.   
5. Jackson Harbor Ridges, on Washington Island, encompasses a simple, open trail following the water’s edge. It begins at a restored fishing cottage and leads hikers past sun-loving blossoms such as Indian Paintbrush and Fringed Gentian.