Top 5 Door County Spots to Enjoy the Lazy Daze of Summer

  1. Dragonflies One of the great joys of my summer life has been to gear up using physical energy to bike or hike to Little Lake on Washington Island or to big Sandy Swale, along Mountain Maple Trail at the Ridges Sanctuary, respectively, and then, to sit still, in silence, watching an amazing dragonfly show at those locales.
  2. Sandy Beaches Join in the holiday atmosphere on our stunningly scenic beaches: Whitefish Dunes State Park, Nicolet Beach at Peninsula State Park, Lakeside Park, Jacksonport, Egg Harbor Beach; beach umbrellas, toddlers stalking seagulls, lapping or crashing waves, city folk squealing in refreshing waters.
  3. Canal Lightstation Drive east of Sturgeon Bay on Utah St. or Hwy TT, ending up at the corner of Canal Dr. and Lake Forest Park Dr.  Park and walk over, keeping to the public area only, of this working Coast Guard Station, to a dashing red lighthouse at the end of a magnificent breakwater.  A good place to toss in a line, loll, or exhilarate in the palette of dazzling greens and blues in the water.
  4. Thimbleberries!  Find the fuzzy, brilliant green leaves and tart, wide raspberry-fruit adorning shrubs along Glidden Dr., Cave Point Dr. and at Point Dr. at the end of Ridges Rd; Match 1 Cup sugar to 1 Cup berries (they don’t keep long) to simmer into the most exotic jam ever.  (Keep an eye for sparse poison ivy near a few bushes.)

  5. Bumbling along Back Roads Play the “Penny Walk Game.”  Get off the main highway, stop at an intersection, toss a coin:  heads left, tails right; proceed.  You’ll never be lost for long and you’ll see interesting cottages/mansions, beautiful foliage, and have time to just be silly with your beloveds.  This is the way to discover what you won’t find in any brochure.