Top 5 Door County Living Green Highlights

1. Want to get away to the woods but have no time for a long drive?  Crossroads at Big Creek is catty-corner to the YMCA in Sturgeon Bay. You can attune yourself to serene green vistas while the babbling brook ripples along.
2. Little Lanes. Public access to the shore exists down charmingly-named lanes, such as Kickapoo or White Pine off of Glidden Drive and Lake Forest Park Drive, as well as down unfrequented cul-de-sacs or boat launches.
3. Door County Library branches are open in Forestville, Sturgeon Bay, Egg Harbor, Ephraim, Fish Creek, Baileys Harbor, Sister Bay and Washington Island.  Reuse or donate a library book today. Visitors may use their  Driver’s License to instantly receive a library card. Check out inspirational works by Rachel Carson:  The Sense of Wonder, John O’Donohue: Anam Cara, Sigurd F. Olson: Reflections From the North Country, and Aldo Leopold: A Sand County Almanac.
4. Make “something out of nothing”! Purchases from thrift shops and rummage sales aid charitable causes and reuse materials. It’s great fun to hunt for treasures. My best purchase ever: a sign with “Goddess” printed on it. I’ve been living up to it since.
5. Stop moving for 15 minutes. Get yourself outside wherever you are. Use an obliging bench, lie down on the very ground in a shady spot.  Listen to the breeze rustle the leaves. Pause to touch a water droplet hanging from a twig and gently transfer it to your finger. Play. Mentally journal the intimate details of our awe-inspiring surroundings.