Top 5 Kayak Hotspots in Door County

1. Cave Point County Park - A popular place to take a lunch for a picnic, many have never seen the beautiful sea caves from the water side. These are definitely worth checking out, some guided tours will even take you inside a few caves!
2. North Bay Shipwrecks - Located in Baileys Harbor, setting off here toward Cana Island will let you paddle over and spot some of Door County's famous shipwrecks! Spot the Cherubusco, G.J. Tracy and the A. Bronson from these waters. A great spot to rent a clear-bottom kayak.
3. Mink River Estuary - Great for a more relaxed paddle, the Mink River Estuary features easy to maneuver waters and plenty of wildlife. Spot turtles, cranes and many other species while casually paddling down this unique estuary.
4. Clark Lake - Another calmer paddle, adventuring on inland waters will allow you to paddle even on more blustery days. Clark Lake is located right next to Whitefish Dunes State Park, so enjoy a morning kayaking followed by a hike out to Cave Point through the park.
5. Facing West - While not site-specific, hop in your kayak at sundown and enjoy the sunset on the western side of the peninsula. Great for pictures and a peaceful end of your day!