Top 5 Things to Remember When Hiking Rock Island

  1. Watch the time. Don't have an unexpected stay on either island, check out the ferry schedules beforehand and mind the time while you’re exploring. They suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to departure.
  2. Mind the weather. While the ferries don't go out if the weather is really bad, they still will operate in the rain. If it looks like rain, prep with a poncho! You definitely will not be sorry.
  3. Become a viking. Once on the island, stop in the boathouse right by the port. A beautiful viking inspired ballroom that is a perfect place to spend some time walking through.
  4. Spend the night. Bring your hiking gear, Rock Island allows for rugged style hike-in camping. Waterfront sites offer great views (and sounds) of Lake Michigan.
  5. Bring your dog. Rock Island is pet friendly to leashed furry friends. Take your pup with you for your day hiking adventure or overnight camp. Plus, they ride the ferries for free!