Top 5 Reasons to Venture to the Islands

  1. Stay at the same place by the same restaurants each time you visit the Door? Washington Island will please your pallet with it's range of restaurants scattered through town.
  2. Quieter beaches. A small on-island population and less tourist traffic than many mainland Door County communities, Washington & Rock Island beaches are a bit more relaxed and open than some of the more popular beaches on the peninsula.
  3. Rich history. The famous Death's Door, longest operating pub in Wisconsin, Pottawatomie Lighthouse, ferries, and museums all combine to create a rich history on the islands. Come experience it for yourself!
  4. Pedal pleaser. For those who like to bike, taking your bicycle across on the ferry is a less expensive, greener way to explore. Washington island is very bike accessible and is a perfect spot for those who want to get a ride and tour into their day.
  5. Fun boat rides. Great for kids, the ferries in themselves are fun to ride. Trips to and from both islands offer unique views and a taste of the lake waves.