Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Kayak

1. You get to sit and relax. Your core and arms do the work here, the rest is relaxation-station. But, it can be a great upper body and core work out if you choose a more challenging paddle or longer course!
2. You don't have to get wet. Kayaks are designed to stay upright. Tipping, while possible, isn't inevitable. Most people find kayaks to be pretty comfortable and can hop out dry at the end of the day, a definite plus for those chilly Lake Michigan mornings!
3. You can hop in the water from anywhere. Unlike a boat, kayaks are small enough to be launched from any beach or waterfront area. No need to even leave your waterfront lodge to go for a paddle! Think early morning kayaking with the sunrise while everyone's still asleep, or after dinner easy trip to get that digestion flowing.
4. It's beginner-friendly. Kayaking is a great activity for families or mixed-aged groups due to its ease to learn. A quick on-shore lesson on how to properly paddle and you're ready to go. If you can sweep with a broom you can paddle a kayak!
5. You look cool. Ever see people with kayaks and think, "Wow - they must be so outdoorsy and active!" I do. Just think how awesome you'll look in pictures on Facebook if you're kayaking! All your friends will be jealous and think you're super COOL. Plus, kayaks and life jackets come in bright, fun colors that look great against the water...just another touch to that great photo you'll have to show off!