Top 5 New Places to Pull Out Your Yoga Mat in Door County

  1. On the Niagara Escarpment – Did you know Door County’s Green Bay side is home to one of the best landmarks of Niagara Escarpment dolomite? The exposed rock also makes for a great natural platform to roll out a mat and salute the sun as it sets over the lake.
  2. With your toes in the sand – Squishing your toes in the sand never felt so good. A few flowing sun salutations and you’ll be feeling the movement of the waves in your system and the extra strength needed to stay balanced will leave you feeling strong. Head to a less busy beach like in Jacksonport or Baileys Harbor for added tranquility.
  3. On the road – Setting out for a bike, hike, run, or even segway tour? Take a few minutes with your partner or group to stretch out in your favorite poses to warm up your muscles, calm your breath, and ready your mind.
  4. In the woods – Camping in Newport Beach or hiking in Peninsula State Park? Find a secluded spot on the trail to roll through a Warrior sequence to unleash your inner power with the power of the trees and nature around you.
  5. Afloat a Boat – Sign up for a paddle board yoga class at a local tour shop or studio and test your balance and mental strength while practicing your favorite poses floating on Lake Michigan.