Top 5 New Foods to Try Around the Campfire

  1. Tacos - The cast iron pan in your camping kit doubles as a great tortilla warmer. Warm the pan over the fire and throw tortillas on it until everyone's bellies are full. A easy, great campfire meal that you can do most of your preparation for at home. The smokiness of the fire adds great taste to this Tuesday night classic!
  2. Pancakes - One of our family's favorites when camping in Door County, warm blueberry pancakes cooked in a bit of bacon grease were always a staple at our family camping trips. Another one-pan meal that's sure to please!
  3. Pizza - All the rave, fire-roasted pizzas are delicious for your first night camping. Pick up a take and bake or make your own!
  4. Hoboes - My mom's concoction, tinfoil pockets stuffed with ground beef, fresh veggies, and spices of your choosing. Seal it up with a pad of butter and let it roast on the fire for about an hour. When it's done, the warm, toasty veggies and meat inside are juicy and cooked to perfection!
  5. Peanut Butter Cup S'mores - Come dessert time, instead of the typical piece of chocolate for a s'more, replace it with a peanut butter cup! Best thing you'll taste all year.