Top 5 Journal Entries to Make this Fall

  1. Summer Reflection  What were your greatest memories? What was the most important lesson you learned? What aspect of summer will you take with you into fall? 
  2. Signal for Change  What have you been holding back to change? What are the steps to take to move you forward in the next few months? 
  3. Time to Rejuvenate  What have you lost touch of - a person, hobby, practice? Where can you make room to rejuvenate this passion back into your life? 
  4. Minimize Distraction  Instead of packing away summer to-do lists, clothes, and activities, make a plan for how to complete outstanding tasks and donate unwanted seasonal items. Then put it into action, come spring, you'll start fresh without having to sift through old possessions and the same to-do list. 
  5. Preparing for Winter  Reflect on where you'd like to end your year and where you'd like to begin the next. Start a plan on how you can better prepare for the closure and new beginning the winter season brings.