Top 5 Insider Tips: Reasons Yoga Should Be a Part of Your Vacation

  1. You went on vacation to be stress-free. - Yoga will help you calm your senses and create space in your body and mind for a relaxing vacation. Leave all the stress of home on the mat!
  2. You’ve been too busy at home.  – You’ve used the excuse before, now you’ve got the time! Make a date at a studio or with a local teacher for a class during your vacation. A seasoned practitioner? Try a new class you’ve been meaning to test out, like paddle board yoga or hot yoga.
  3. It helps you detox. – Eat a big meal or drink one too many? Yoga can help twist out any toxins or buildups in your system to leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to continue on with your vacation.
  4. You’ll get some alone time. – Traveling with your partner or family? Yoga is a good excuse to get much-needed alone time if you’re getting tired of being around people all day.
  5. It’s as great as the spa. – A great yoga class is like a full-body spa treatment at way less of a price. Indulge in an hour-long class and you’ll feel just as pampered as walking out of that pedicure.