Top 5 Door County Campfires You Can't Miss

  1. Fish Boil - A beloved Door County tradition, a fish-boil fire is larger than life! A must-see for anyone visiting the peninsula.
  2. Peninsula Players Theater - Enjoy a fantastic show and take intermission outside to enjoy the rolling bonfire they light each night. A unique experience for both art and outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Fyr Ball - Join in on one of Door County's famous festivals, the Fyr Ball. A celebration of midsummer's eve and Norwegian tradition, this event is highlighted by evening bonfires that ring in summer.
  4. By Candlelight - Not feeling the outdoors? Stay inside and share a meal around a mini-fire, candles!
  5. In Your Lodge - Find yourself in Door County during winter or rain? Get the fire rolling in your lodge's fire place (or in the fire pit at your Door County campground) for a quiet, warm night in.