Washington Island Art and Nature Center

This time of summer, the schedules are hectic and summer feels like a wind-up toy that has suddenly doubled its speed. My solution – go to the Island. Washington Island, that is. Maybe its the fact that whenever I'm there the sun shines, the fields are golden and the people are kind, but it feels like heaven. One of my favorite spots is the charming Washington Island Art and Nature Center, which is just a stone's throw from my favorite place to hang, Schoolhouse Beach. It's housed in the building that once was the Washington Island High School, and it continues to serve an educational function in the community. 419190_355331584512186_750866680_nThe art gallery features rotating exhibits, which currently features A Portrait of a Family, an intergenerational show with the work of Laura, Sophia and Finn Hagen. The nature gallery includes an observational beehive where children can witness the inner working of a hive, and hands on exhibits and live specimens. A naturalist offers hikes and interpretive events. In summer, the school offers one day children's art classes and nature events such hikes, Jr. naturalist classes and "bug classes." Next time you need a slice of heaven and make it to the Island, stop by the museum for a bit of inspiration!