Shopping Up and Down the Door

In early November as the leaves fall and the days grow darker, a girl's thoughts turn It's a perfect time to spruce up the fall wardrobe, get a jump start on holiday shopping or just enjoy browsing some of the great shops that bedazzle Door County.

Here are a few of my "must-stop" shops that I keep in mind when I'm jetting up or down the county. I love boots. And chunky sweaters. And cute dresses.

So a stop at On Deck Clothing Co. on Third Avenue (or their locations in Fish Creek or Sister Bay) is always a good idea. The salespeople there are so helpful, and it seems like there's always a sale on something I need. OK, want.

While I'm on Third Avenue, I love popping into Sherry's Hallmark for cards or gifts (who knew little girls' jewelry boxes were so hard to come by? Sherry's has them.) And I'm always tempted by the fabulous window candy at Cornucopia Kitchen Corner. Cookware, party ware, and kitchen gadgets the best kitchen towel selection in town. On Deck. I think I need that sweater in the window. On Deck. I think I need that sweater in the window. Heading up the road a bit on Highway 42, it seems I always need a cup of coffee right about Carlsville. Lucky for me Door County Coffee and their fabulous drive-through is always waiting for me! This time of year you can't go wrong with a Salted Caramel Latte. But if you have time to go inside, don't miss it. Not only do they have delicious breakfast and lunch, but their gift shop is chock full of items that are perfect for coffee lovers, garden lovers, or girly gift lovers of any kind.

Right in the same shopping center is the Door County Candle Company - I never leave there without a new candle scent I want to try. Plus their candles make great gifts for teachers, friends and co-workers. Of course, my girls always want to stop in at Pet Expressions to find the perfect little doo-dad for their kitties. Door County Coffee and Tea. Wait, is that my car in the parking lot? Door County Coffee and Tea. Wait, is that my car in the parking lot? Egg Harbor is a shopper's paradise, but I have three stops I never fail to make if I'm looking for the perfect item of clothing. The Patricia Shoppe welcomes you into town with its signature pink siding and eye-popping windows, and boy, can I get lost in there. The jewelry cases alone - filled with one-of-a-kind and artisan jewelry - are fab.

I also LOVE Blacksmith Clothing Co., off the beaten path by only 1/4 mile and worth every step. Every time I go to Blacksmith, I find something special that brings lots of compliments and "Where did you get thats?"

And don't miss Jane's, a fun shop with clothes and accessories, including one-of-a-kind pieces. Further up the road, I like to stop in and see my friends at Bayshore Outfitters. They've got everything for outdoorsy types, and lots of cute skirts and sweaters too.

Bargains Unlimited is the BEST thrift shop around - I always find something for the kids there - whether it be clothing, ice skates (the kind that cost $4!) or toys. And all of their proceeds benefit Scandia Village retirement center to boot.

Then there's the destination that all savvy Door County shoppers know - Ecology Sports. Alicia and her team keep the upstairs of this renovated village hall stocked with great clothes, shoes and boots (and they have the best lip gloss. honestly) while downstairs Joel tends the Base Camp coffee bar, in case the caffeine you had in Carlsville has worn off. [caption id="attachment_564" align="aligncenter" width="1015"]A trip to Ecology Sports always makes my heart go pitter patter. A trip to Ecology Sports always makes my heart go pitter patter. So there you have it! Another day, I'll take you on a trip up "The Quiet Side" (Hwy 57), but for now...happy shopping!