Five Takes on Creativity

It's cold, it's dark, and the winter winds are gusting. What are Door County artists up to? They're hard at work, creating. The "quiet time" of the year is often when many artists, who need to run busy studios in the summer, find their creative flow. How fitting then, that January is National Creativity Month.
I asked a diverse group of Door County artists about their creative processes. Here's what they had to say.
Stephanie Trenchard, painter and glass artist. She and her husband Jeremy own  Popelka Trenchard Glass in Sturgeon Bay.
Recent work by Cheryl Stidwell Parker Recent work by Cheryl Stidwell Parker
When I think of creativity, the first thing that comes to mind is a Twyla Tharp rule, always have a pencil handy and sharpened. I keep pen and paper in the car, in my bag, and several blank books,journals, sketchbooks at my bed side. I used to write every morning and have several dozen journals filled with drawings, poems, lists that compile goals, books read films to watch, web sites to visit, as I get older I don't write so much but still hold to a habit of working in the studio in solitude, as a person who wants to express in visual terms, its important to allow knowledge and intuition equal voice, and be willing to look foolish and take risks. The ability to take risks seems to go hand in hand with the highly creative people who I know, it also helps to develop skills with materials, but some of the most creative people I know might be self taught, and are self-driven.
Andria Nikoupolis-Weliky, dancer and choreographer. Andria's jazz choreography can be found on stages throughout Door County, including the Gibraltar High School stage, Isadoora Theatre Company shows, and YMCA children's dance recitals. Andria is widely known throughout the county for her mastery of the art of bellydancing.
Creativity for me, or what inspires me can be so varied. I find it can be sparked by an image in nature or by colors and textures. I guess I am always observing and the more I can be open, the more I am inspired. Whether I am creating a piece of choreography or drawing or painting, I find I bring in, and am inspired by, many different elements, seeing movement in a painting or texture in a movement.
Click the image below to watch a YouTube video of Andria dancing to the music of Harry Manx and Hans Christian.
Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 8.41.27 PMJewelry by Angela Lensch Jewelry by Angela Lensch[/caption] I was inspired recently at a ukelele jam and dinner with friends. I made a pair of woven pearls while enjoying the ukulele jam and I have been brainstorming with friends on the design of my new sign. We are all such great resources for each other, this is truly an amazingly creative community. Traveling, getting out of town once and a while really refreshes my creativity. The new metamorphosis collection came about on a trip to Minneapolis. I made jewelry while Coleen drove. Plus visiting friends from art school was incredibly creative and inspiring. its great to see how we are all starting to work together... collaborating. It's expanding now that I am opening my own gallery. I'm creative in my individual work but now also the events and community projects are a piece of art too. What gets your creative juices flowing? Comment here, or on my Facebook page.