Door County Renaissance Faire Celebrates 5 Years with Viking Invasion

The Vikings are coming! The Vikings are coming! To the Door County Renaissance Faire, that is. This year, the popular fair will welcome visitors to all things Renaissance – including jousting, equestrian acts, musicians, dancers, magicians and...Vikings. "This year's theme is new and exciting for us," says Sandy Stelter, executive director of the fair. "There will be a Viking encampment with historical weaponry where, and a strong Nordic, Celtic and Gaelic theme." Of course, the fair also includes my favorite attractions: food and shopping, and in that order. "We've got turkey legs, ale and new this year, mead," says Stelter. And 50 vendors in a tented marketplace will demonstrate everything from pewter smithing to silk dying to chain mail making. "It's so interactive," adds Stelter. "There's a strong educational component, too, but kids are learning by doing and having fun, we're not shoving knowledge down their throats." The faire is a magical place. Photo by B.J. Fleming The faire is a magical place. Photo by B.J. Fleming Above all, Stelter says that the Renaisssance Faire is an escape from reality for kids and adults alike. "The words I hear most to describe it are 'magical' and 'enchanted,;" she says. And isn't that what we all need a little bit more of? Because flames are fun. Because flames are fun. The Door County Renaissance Faire runs July 25-26 and July 5-6. Volunteers are still needed, so if you're young or young at heart and want to be part of the fair, contact Sandy Stelter.