Witches Brew Casts New Seasonal Spell Over October at Door Peninsula Winery

Hidden within the fabled history of Door Peninsula Winery in Carlsville is the tale of a long-lost potion - and a rodent.

"The assistant winemaker actually tasted what was within the vat and he turned into a mouse and disappeared into a field," DPW winemaker Paul Santoriello said. "Then, I went into the limestone caverns and found the recipe and cut out everything bad the witch would throw in there."  Witches Brew - the newest blend to come from Door Peninsula Winery. All kidding aside about mice and limestone caverns, the latest wine from the Carlsville winery won't transform you into a mouse and the recipe did not come from any type of archeological discovery. Instead, Witches Brew will leave you with the great taste of October. The wine is a tasty mix of Syrah and plum wines, with a hint of strawberry wine "to help brighten up the flavors," Santoriello said. 'The plum and Syrah give a little depth to the whole wine. It's actually drinking like a nice, smooth, semi-soft red wine. "The plum gives it a lot of acidity. The tannin comes from the Syrah. The strawberry, added with the plum, just gives it that nice bit of fruitiness to it."

 Hallowine and Witches Brew will each provide you with the perfect taste of October. Witches Brew is the second wine from Door Peninsula Winery currently using the October 31st holiday as its theme. Hallowine was rolled out in 1996 and has remained one of DPW's more-popular selections by its customers. Santoriello admits wines like Witches Brew and Hallowine are becoming more-and-more popular with customers in recent years, in part to the anticipation for all the elements to come together.

"Usually, around July is when it's finally bottled, because we are waiting around for Syrah to be picked and made into its own wine," he said. "The plums need time to ferment and the strawberries are picked earlier in the summer. However, the Syrah is what we're waiting for. "They piggy-back off each other because of the packaging and it's the seasonality of it."

So, remember to take home a bottle each of Witches Brew and Hallowine during the month of October and sip your way into the spirit of the season. "We don't want our customers to turn into mice," Santoriello jokes.

Witches Brew and Hallowine are available for purchase at Door Peninsula Winery, located at 5806 Hwy. 42 in Carlsville - at the intersection with County Road I.