Sunrise At Newport State Park

What I love about living in Sturgeon Bay is that I can hop on my cycle and within an hour end up at any given destination in Door County!  Last week it happened to be Newport State Park , Wisconsin's only formally designated wilderness park.  I have visited this park many times, and it's fun to take different routes there and back.  As I left Sturgeon Bay, I took highway 42 north.  Shortly after Schartner's Farm Market, I took a right on Plum Bottom Road  which runs into Cty V.  Taking a left on Cty A, I arrived at Peninsula Pub (also known as Pen Pub).  Pen Pub is a favorite bar and grill for locals and tourists alike and sits on the corner of Cty A and E.   A "come as you are" atmosphere welcomes anyone who enjoys a good burger, beer or soda.  I stopped in for a burger and soda and enjoyed talking with the young bartender who was working. I continued on Cty A back to Hwy 42.  Next stop, Newport State Park. Straight up Hwy 42 you'll run into Ellison Bay. A few miles north of Ellison Bay you will see the sign for County NP which leads to Newport State Park.  This is a beautiful state park with more than 2300 acres of sandy beaches, upland meadows, wetlands, and forests.  This is a great place for kayakers, especially at dawn to view the sunrise which the park is known for. For those of you who are adventurous and enjoy rustic, remote camping, Europe Lake may be for you!  This small, quiet lake is only accessible by foot and does not offer water or electricity hook-ups. WhitefishDunesStateParkBeach After a great hike it's time to cruise some less traveled roads.  Head back to Ellison Bay and take a left on Mink River Road.  Take this to County ZZ, turn left and this will take you to Rowleys Bay Resort.. This would be a great spot for a group of motorcyclists to stay as it has a relaxed casual atmosphere with a striking natural beauty of Rowleys Bay.  The resort sits on 700 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline with 100 acres of isolated land making it one of the most picturesque locations in Door County.  They offer vacation homes, cottages, and suites, and boast a great Swedish bakery! The North side of Rowleys Bay is bordered by Newport State Park, and Sand Bay Park to the south. To end my trip, I went to one of the most secluded town parks in the county:  Sand Bay Park.  Get back on Cty ZZ, take a left on Mink River Road and then another left on Water's End Road. Take that until you get to N. Sand Bay Lane which will run you to Sand Bay Town Park.  It never ceases to amaze me how I manage to find these off-the-beaten-path town parks which all have one thing in common: a spectacular view of Lake Michigan! As always I leave you with a favorite quote: "We do not remember days, we remember moments."  - Cesare Pavese