Sunday Cruise

Sunday is usually the day that I like to sleep in; especially today.  Our son had his Junior Prom last night and for those of you who have kids in high school, you probably know that proms are much  more involved now than they were 30 plus years ago!   Last night was a long event and I felt as though I earned my lazy Sunday morning.

After I realized that the sun was shining for the first time in a few days and the weather felt "balmy", Jane and I went for our daily walk.  We headed to Glas, which is one of our favorite coffee shops on Sturgeon Bay's west side.  We decided to sit outside and enjoy the weather, do some people watching and soak in some sun.  Then, I heard favorite sound:  motorcycles!  The group of bikers that were heading over the Oregon Street  Bridge consisted of 6 riders; one of whom is a guy that I have known for years.  Whenever I see him our conversation always turns to "the rides" we take.  I knew at that point that the day was far too nice and time was wasting!  We finished our coffee and scones and headed home to get the bike out.  The decision we had to make was the toughest of the day; which beautiful route in to the county should we take?  We decided on Glidden Drive; one of the most scenic, winding routes I've ever taken.  And, one of the most beautiful!

Glidden drive is very easy to find yet it is "out of the way"!  As you head north over the Bayview Bridge you will want to take a right on County TT (because of heavy traffic, turning at the stoplights by our YMCA is a suggested route).  You will continue on County TT until you get to North Lake Michigan Drive where you will  turn left.  This will take you to County T where you will take a right and follow all the way to Lake Michigan.  It is always hard for me NOT to stop and take in the beauty of the lake!  There is a landing (Lily Bay Boat Launch) that allows for a great stretch, a few pictures and take just a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of our county! IMG_0297 Glidden Drive begins at this point.  You will enter a tree-shaded, curvy road with several hidden driveways.  I love to cruise this drive because it lends itself to a slow, peaceful ride.  This is not an area that you should take if you are in a big hurry!  You will want to enjoy the beautiful houses that line the drive.  All of the houses on the right enjoy a water view; it's fun to see how many of the houses are built to take the most advantage of the view.  Glidden Drive is about six miles long and around every curve there is a unique house or structure to admire. As you continue on Glidden Drive, you will come upon Glidden Lodge Beach Resort which offers a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan. All units have an eastern exposure to capture the magnificent Door County sunrises. pgallery_beachnight Donny's Glidden Lodge Restaurant is not only a favorite of tourists, but of locals, as well.  They have nightly specials and are known for their mouthwatering steaks, pork chops, chicken, and seafood.  Reservations are suggested and requesting a table by the window is strongly suggested.  This is a perfect restaurant for a special celebration! untitled     5450823-thumb We decided that it was time to head home to Sturgeon  Bay.  I love the fact that we can get on the cycle, drive 20 minutes into the county and it feels like we are on a vacation miles from home.  We never get tired of the out-of-the-way places, quiet water views and the wind in our faces.  It is the perfect therapy as we face the week ahead. Our return trip to Sturgeon Bay takes about twenty minutes.  Going west on Whitefish Bay Road, through Valmy taking a left onto 57, we keep going until we reach the stoplights at highway 42/57. This day turned out to be the epitome of a "Sunday Cruise".  We love hopping on the bike and sometimes having a plan and sometimes going "where the wind takes us".  Today, it took us to a familiar place that we will always enjoy. IMG_0332   A favorite quote:  "The function of man is to live, not to exist."  -Jack London