Small Town Traditions

The nights are getting chilly and the days are getting shorter.  The trees are turning warm golden colors and football is well underway.  Fall is here!  Today is the first day of fall and for most of us that signals the changes that are on their way.  The trees will soon be bare and snow will be on the ground.  But, for the next few months it is time to really enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather that Door County offers its' locals and visitors.

Like many other villages in the county Sturgeon Bay is a picturesque community with its' quaint shops, great restaurants and high school sports.  Our town has really come alive since school has begun with a number of athletic events; soccer, volleyball, cross country and football fill the fields and gyms, and you can always be sure that you will see friends wherever you go during the week.  This is an exciting time for our high school as it is the beginning of Homecoming Week with a variety of activities going on.  Jane and I were both involved in athletics in high school and love to see kids taking advantage of this great time in their lives.

Today was the annual window painting day in downtown Sturgeon Bay on Third Avenue.  Students were being creative as they decorated windows in hopes of winning the coveted "best window award" at the end of the week.  This is a perfect week to bring your cycle through town, admire the windows and let it take you back to your high school days and the cool fall weather that accompanies homecoming each year.  Third Avenue is host to several shops that support our community and are supportive of high school athletics.

After we had a chance to check out the windows and share our own personal winner we hopped back on the bike and made our way to Sunset Park.  Going straight down Third Avenue heading north, Sunset Park is usually alive with activity.  It was a bit quiet today and gave us a great chance to take a walk, sit by the water and look out over the bay towards Potawatomi State Park.

Each visit to this park and so many other Door County destinations is never complete without both of us saying, "we're so lucky; this is the perfect place to live"!