Our Summer Is Complete…A Cruise To Ephraim

"My summer is now complete".  What would make YOUR summer complete?  Where would you like to go; what would you like to do?  Is there one thing that you yearn for when the temperature is hovering around freezing, the wind is so sharp you can barely breathe and the snow blower is calling your name?  Those of us who live for the open road would more than likely agree that our summer is complete anytime we can get on the bike and just ride!  When you live in  Door County, you can call your summer "complete" just by being here and enjoying the water, views, friendliness of the people and open roads!  For some of the locals, there are always certain Door County events or places that we need to visit to call our summer complete!  Yesterday was one of those days for us:  we visited Ephraim!


The village of Ephraim is located directly up Highway 42 about 25 miles north of Sturgeon Bay.  Known for its beautiful views, restaurants, water sports and shops, Ephraim sits on the bay of Green Bay. As you drive through the village you are given the gift of a magnificent sight and yesterday was no exception!  One of those absolutely perfect summer days, there was a slight breeze, bright blue skies, golden sun and no humidity!  As we drove into Ephraim we came around the corner on Highway 42 and the bay opened up to hundreds of boaters, jet-skiers and paddle boarders. What a sight!  The bay was alive with action but not enough to turn away people who enjoy a bit of solitude!  We saw people further down the grassy area sitting on benches, soaking up the sun on the beach and walking hand in hand down the sidewalk.

Ephraim is home to world re-knowned artist, Charles Peterson, who still resides in the village.  His paintings can be found in several galleries throughout Door County as well as the United States.  We are lucky enough to own several of his prints including many that reflect our careers as teachers, athletes and Door County residents.  Check out a few of his prints at the Anderson House and Gallery located across the street from scenic Anderson Dock located on the north side of Ephraim.


In addition to galleries, Ephraim offers shopping, a library, restaurants, festivals and music.  Each Monday from 6-8 take a blanket and enjoy the music at the Harborside gazebo with the bay as your back drop!  In June, the annual Fyr Bal festival is held.  This festival re-creates traditions of early Norwegians celebrating the summer solstice.  This tiny village comes alive during the summer with activities to please everyone!


Yesterday WAS a perfect day to visit Ephraim!  Jane and I have a goal every summer to hop on the cycle and visit this quaint, "perfectly perfect" village.  However, no trip to Ephraim is complete with a stop at Wilson's.  Wilson's is known for their ice cream; the kind of place that offers more flavors than you can count and where a "single" scoop is really a double scoop!  We were like two kids practically running to the restaurant to get our first "Wilson's" of the summer!  It took Jane quite a while to choose a flavor; Sneakers won her heart while I stuck with my predictable chocolate.  We took our cones to a bench by the water, watched the paddle boards go by, felt the breeze in our face and knew that "our summer was complete."

Known for its beautiful views of Eagle Harbor, the bluffs of Green Bay, and its charming white buildings, Ephraim is a must see on your cruise through Door County! "Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."  -  John W. Gardner