On the Hunt for Made in Door County Gifts

Everyone’s heard of all the great food products that are made in Door County like the wine, preserves, coffee and candy, but we often forget that there are also some great non perishable things too.  Whenever friends and family visit they always take time to shop, mostly because they want to take a piece of Door County home with them.   This got me thinking that instead of buying all my holiday gifts online, last minute, why not go out and see what I can find around town.

From this point forward my family and friends are banned from reading the rest of this blog until after the holidays. Sorry – spoiler alert!

The first place I found was Fish Creek Moccasin Works just down the road from my house.  My mom is notorious for having cold feet, and wears out those big fuzzy slippers in a matter of months, so having some custom made moccasins, that actually last, is the perfect gift.  They also repair golf bags and create hats, slings and boots from hunting excursions so if I can’t find something for my husband or my dad I’ll definitely be back.

Next stop was more fun than anything because it always brings back so many great memories.  Candleworks of Door County is one of those places you can spend hours walking down the rows of candles, smelling each one to try and find the perfect scent, only to find that in the end that you grabbed one of each anyway.   Let me explain…I had to have the Sugar Cookie and Banana Nut Bread because it reminded me of my mom, the Door County Cherry because it’s my favorite, the Lilac because no matter where I lived growing up we always had lilac trees, the Northwoods because it reminds me of some of my favorite times camping, the….well you get the point.  It’s a simple gift but when you give a candle that reminds you of camping to my sister, she will tell remember when stories all night long and it makes the holidays together that much more special.

The next ten stops were at various galleries where I found personalized gift ware, photography, paintings and sculptures by local artists.  I knocked of at least 5 people from my list and didn’t break the bank doing it.  There are so many great galleries around town it was hard not to redecorate my house in the process. Final stop every year is any place I can get a “Nobody loves me more than me” gift.  It may sound selfish but everyone is entitled to at least one gift a year to reward them of all the stresses and successes they’ve gotten through.  That and you’ll never be disappointed because it’s “exactly what you wanted!”  

This year it’s a piece of handmade jewelry from one of the most eclectic shops in the County.  When you walk in Samara’s you feel like you’re walking into a gallery versus a jewelry store because every piece is so unique.   This year I set my eyes on a custom made stone necklace, or maybe the earrings….