October Cruise

Today was the most beautiful October Door County day in recent memory.  As much as I love my job and am happy to be back with my high school students, I was itching to get on my bike and ride after school today!  The leaves are brilliant, the sky was bright blue and puffy white clouds dotted the sky.  A fresh breeze was blowing and my calendar was open!  I was feeling pretty lucky! masthead_02I headed north to Egg Harbor and took a right on High Cliff Road.  Surprisingly, I have never travelled this road before and was catching myself wondering why.  Never to be disappointed to new adventures, this was no exception!  The road leads down by the water and has a few pleasant twists and turns.  As I was looking ahead of me it appeared to be tunnel-like with no end in sight.  Plenty of time to think about the day and how nice it is to enjoy a few hours of sunlight before daylight savings time ends in a few weeks. IMG_1239[1] Although I love to get on my bike and "go" without an agenda (those of you who have followed my blog know that by now!) I had a plan today!  I wanted to find the White Cliff Nature Preserve.   The nature preserve is part of the Door County Land Trust.   We are fortunate in Door County to have an organization that advocates preserving land for future generations.  The Land Trust has locations throughout the county that are set aside for people to enjoy. IMG_1234[1] Because the sun sets earlier now  I decided to make my way back to Sturgeon Bay.  No trip to Egg Harbor is complete without a stop at Harbor View Park.  Today it was quiet and I enjoyed the lack of activity!  I envisioned the coming weekend as the Egg Harbor Pumpkin Patch festival begins.  This is one of the most popular festivals on the peninsula and for those of you who have never attended, it is a sight to see!  Shops decorate their storefronts and lawns with cornstalks, hay bales, scarecrows and pumpkins.  There are caramel apples for sale, music to tap your feet to and people galore.  It's a celebration of fall and our beautiful county! IMG_1232[1] After enjoying the park I decided to head back on one of my favorite scenic routes:  Bayshore Drive.  Bayshore Drive takes you right down the western side of the county along the bay.  It is a winding, peaceful, beautiful ride!  I enjoy Bayshore Drive because I know I can stop at either Horseshoe Bay, George K. Pinney County Park, or Sunset Park to enjoy the water and boats coming in for the night.  Jane and I have spent many sunsets at these parks; just gazing out at the water and reflecting on our love of Door County.  Without a doubt, each time we relax by the water we inevitably say, "people travel for miles to enjoy what we have in our own backyard".  Make Door County your own "backyard"!  Make it your next place to visit! 998525_328357800630550_1127621356_n