From one side to the other!

Howdy folks! Has it ever been nice here on the Door Peninsula!  Warm sunny days with cool breezy nights I absolutely love these conditions!  If anyone is on the fence about coming up to check us out it is a great time for it let me tell you.  All the fruit trees are blooming as are all the wildflowers and gardens. These last couple weeks have brought new life back into this county after so many months of dormancy.  It has been great to be able to jump onto the bike at will and cruise.  When I am looking at jobs and turning in estimates especially its great to have the bike.  I get the wind I'm looking for and save gas instead of driving my big ole dodge! Yesterday I got to get out for an awesome ride to look at jobs.  I took off from Fish Creek and zipped over to Baileys Harbor.  It felt great!  It was 81 when I left my house and a nice cool 71 when I got to the job on the lake.  Baileys Harbor is crazy with action and there were people having a great day everywhere!  Not to mention a hometown ball game going on at the park just outta town!  I only wish I was able to stay and watch the game but work called and I had to jump back on the bike and check a few more places out. photo-2 I went East out of Baileys Harbor down Cty Q to MoonLight Bay.  Did I mention I have an outstanding job?  Cty Q is a really fun ride it goes down the Lake Shore for several miles and is packed full of corners and good riding.  Also it has the Cana Island Light House and Park.  It also has a boat launch at Bues Point.  The view was outstanding looking up towards Riebod Creek. photo-4 After looking at a couple trees to come down in Baileys I jumped over on Cty E into Fish Creek and rode down into Ephraim.  The small towns are now packed with people and pouring life into the County.  It feels great!  Happy smiling people all over enjoying our great Door County!  What a good feeling to know I live in a place where families from all over come to share a good time.  I only stayed in Ephraim long enough to watch the fog push through and rode out back to the Peninsula Park. photo-1 My good friends had a campsite at Pen Park and invited us to camp for a couple nights with them.  Anytime we get a chance we go camping, so Missy and I were all about it.  I went on the Harley and she took her car and I was able to stop for a good sunset picture before I had to set up camp and get to cooking. photo-3 What a great Memorial Day weekend and start to the real summer!  I can't wait to see you all up here soon!  Ride safe and keep the wind in your hair.  Lemme know when ya'll gonna be here I am always up for a ride! Tim Penchoff