FLIP Cam Adventures at Sister Bay Bowl

Michelle has been encouraging me to use our new FLIP Video camera when I go out to write blog posts. However, learning how to make little machines work is not my strong suit, no matter how technologically “cool” they are.  I appreciate them, but the most obvious things about them are somehow not obvious to me. All I’ve accomplished with our TV remotes at home has been done by wondering which buttons do what. For me, contemplation is my strong suit; figuring out which buttons cause little machines to work is not, apparently.

Because I have never been a quitter and am an overall determined individual, I gave in and agreed to use the FLIP when I visited Paige Funkhouser, administrator of the Sister Bay Advancement Association. A former Californian, Paige is now a Door County local and a totally funny, interesting young woman. I wanted to take her to Sister Bay Bowl so I could blog about the establishment, but also to get the scoop on Sister Bay in early February with no snow.

I have great ideas – That’s what Dario Pegoretti told my husband, Bill, when he bought a Pegoretti bicycle a couple of years ago. I made Bill email the quirky Italian to tell him how much he enjoyed the bike. So as I rolled into Sister Bay, I turned to FM 106.9 The Lodge, waited for an appropriate song, turned it up and held the camera toward the Sister Bay signs on Highway 57; imagining creating an awesome intro for my video. As I approached the Sister Bay Advancement Information Center, I scanned the downtown area with my camera to film the people. I introduced myself to Paige and stepped into the office, shut the camera off and explained what I was up to.

We headed out to lunch. I gave Paige the camera and asked her to say a few things as we headed over to Sister Bay Bowl. When we got there, we interviewed Leif Mickelson, a Door County native, about the work he was doing on the building (new windows and siding). Once inside, we turned the camera back on and chatted with our waitress, Penny (Willems) Anschutz – whose family owns Sister Bay Bowl – about how many years she had worked there (since high school), chatted while we waited for our food (I got the special – grilled cheese with a cup of chili for $6.50; Paige got the Chicken Caesar Salad for $9.00), filmed the food being delivered as we oohed and aahed because it looked and tasted THAT good. Quality (award-winning, even) pub food at fair prices, lots of nice pine paneling, a big round bar, tables, booths and plenty of local color. I even filmed a family that had come to bowl and photographed them as they appreciated the old-style bowling alley. I felt mighty content with our efforts as I walked Paige back to work and headed south.

Imagine my surprise when I told Michelle about all I had accomplished as I sat down at the computer.  I plugged in the camera (after Michelle showed me how) and then became flushed. The only thing on the camera was the piece Paige had done on the way over to the Sister Bay Bowl. It soon became apparent that I hadn’t remembered to push the RED button.

As I thought about it (and remember, this is my strong suit), I HAD pushed the button on top of the camera, but not the RED “action” button. These videos are the first and second in the series, and I’ll continue to improve – because, well, I HAVE to, right? Until next time, Bon Appétit!