First ride is always the best!

dial 911 Well it's that time of year again.  The first and sometimes the only time the bike comes out and gets a good bath.  After installing a new clutch cable and charging the battery I was ready for my first ride of the year.  42 degrees on the thermometer and rain in the evening forcast didn't stop me.  I cruised down county A to hwy 42 and rode down into Ephraim.  I love riding in Door County!  Every town has a hill to ride down into.  It's great to see an overview of where you're riding while you're riding.  It's almost like looking at an arial map then cruisin through it.  And as far as towns to ride down into goes Ephraim is one of the best.  A great view of Eagle Harbor, the steeples on top the hill in center of town, Anderson dock, and Wilson's Ice Cream Parlor are just a few of the iconic Door County pictures you can see while riding through the small bayside town.  All that in just two miles!  What a great place to live and ride! I rode through town and got a good look at the awesome ice shoves in the harbor.  Out in the bay they were piled up to what looked like as high as the trees on Horseshoe Island.  To say they were "cool" is like saying a Harley is just "ok".  On shore they were stacked at least 10 to 15 feet high.  Some of the ice chunks were as big a VW's!  They were all broken up and had long abnormal angles.  With all the bright blues and greens showing through the snow it was a neat way to see an already amazing view. suds I doubled back up the hill and made a stop at the fire station and got the bike all shined up.  It's always exciting to see the winter dust and grime get washed away and the real beauty of the bike come back alive.  That's why spring is such a good season there is so much life in the air.  Everything smells fresh, greens look greener and motorcycles sound that much sweeter. After I got the bike looking as good as I wanted without spending too much good riding time cleaning I got back on the road.  A quick trip up to Sister bay on 42 and I jumped over to 57 and headed south.  It was good to see that most of the recent snow was melted or melting away.  The fields finally cleared have been teeming with critters and I saw no shortage of deer and turkeys.  To wrap up my first ride which always brings back favorite sights, sounds, and memories I made a short stop at the AC Tap which is also aways full of favorite sights, sounds, and memories.  I got my dollar in for the "pot of gold" and chowed down a few fan favorite "wimpy burgers".  I finished up the last leg of my always way to short first ride of the year with a run over the still partially frozen Kangaroo Lake. ice kangaroo The first ride is in the books and the bike is back in the garage.  But there are many more trips to take and roads to ride.  Thanks for coming along for this one, stay tuned for the next, and keep the wind in your hair! Tim Penchoff